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Basic steps of carburizing process of heat treatment parts

Basic steps of carburizing process of heat treatment parts

φ0.4×0.6m井式氮化炉1.jpgIn order to ensure the correctness and standard of the carburizing process, the process of carburizing of heat treatment parts needs to be done according to the process. The following is the introduction of carburizing process for heat treatment parts:

1. Acceptance parts: the surface of the parts to be carburized shall be clean, free of grease and impurities; Otherwise, it will affect the carburizing quality on the surface of the parts.

2, permeability preparation: temperature heating equipment to ready to join the impregnation agent, check the sealing industrial furnace equipment in good condition, etc., for local carburized parts to protect measures, such as anti-seepage coating paste or copper plating.

3. Carburizing: the number and speed of the infiltration agent should be appropriate, and attention should be paid to the three stages of carburizing: the decomposition of carburizing media; The absorption of carbon atoms; The diffusion of carbon; The amount of addition is different at each stage.

4. Cooling: water or oil can be cooled to room temperature to achieve the desired organizational form.

5. Percolation inspection: the test sample is mainly used for the percolation inspection.

6. Heat treatment after infiltration: re-quenching and tempering, generally final heat treatment.

7. Inspection: mainly based on hardness test of the parts after quenching, and also can be observed by metallographic method.

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